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"Thanks to Margot, I’ve shifted my way of looking at relationships. I am now relating to my partner in a whole new way, and because of this we are so much happier than before. We no longer fight. We have learned to champion each other and really love from our souls. Thanks Margot for everything!"
~S.S, Boulder, CO.
"I especially love how Margot addresses "triggering" and seeing the partner as a "divine teacher", two concepts I had heard of but didn't really know much about, and had never seen discussed before. I really benefited from the discussions on triggering, as well as expressing anger in a healthy way, and learning how to create freedom in the relationship." 
~A.P, Ontario, CA.
"I VERY MUCH enjoyed your program and can't begin to tell you how helpful it has been for us. We are doing everything you suggested and have had some of the most exquisite days of bliss imaginable. I can honestly say I feel as if my anger has dissipated entirely and I no longer have the charge I used to." 
~K.L, California
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